Trip washing, full washing, interior cleaning and coating, metal polishing, paint correction, and ceramic coating using IGL Coating products.


Peerless Coatings SC will remove any and all grease, grime, dirt, oils, or any other debris from the exterior surface of your aircraft. We will ensure that every surface of your aircraft’s exterior is clean and spotless. Your aircraft’s paint job will also be protected by removing any build-ups before they have a chance to damage the paint.


Let us take care of any general cleaning & detailing, carpet cleaning, leather cleaning & reconditioning, and other interior cleaning services you might need done to your aircraft. Peerless Coatings SC will get the interior of your aircraft looking brand new again!


Say goodbye to any scratches, pitting, or hazing currently impacting your aircraft’s metal surfaces. Peerless Coatings SC uses a multistage process to remove these blemishes while also leaving the metal on your aircraft with a bright, mirror-like shine.

Paint Correction

Wear and tear on your aircraft’s paint job due to flight operations can cause fading, nicks, and scratches, causing your aircraft to look old and not well cared for. UV rays and other weather conditions will also cause harmful damage to your aircraft’s exterior. Peerless Coatings SC is here to help bring back that shine that your aircraft’s exterior once had!

Ceramic Coatings

Using IGL Coatings, we will add a highly durable protective coating to your aircraft’s surface to ensure it stays in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Peerless Coatings is ready to show you firsthand what IGL products can do for your aircraft.